Agri-Informatics is the flourishing and intellectual component of the Institutional Development Plan National Agriculture Higher Education Project, Pantnagar. This component is the futuristic view of farming which comprises three technical areas namely; Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Big Data Analytics (BDA), Robotics, and Climate-Smart Agriculture. The coordinator of this component is Dr. A.S.Nain, Director Research, Pantnagar University and Co-PI, IDP-NAHEP project.

These technologies will help to increase crop production and quality, reduce cost and risk, and improve farm income. The modern approaches encompass capturing historical data of farming activities and climate from huge numbers of sources and may guide in both immediate and future agricultural decision-making. AI helps to get accurate and real-time information regarding crops (crop condition, crop stage), insects, water usage or soil conditions, discrimination between crop and weed, and weather conditions. Also, agricultural robots are one of the key trends that may influence the agriculture sector in the future, as these robots would automate traditional farming methods. Big data can play a key role in overcoming the problem of regular agricultural activities. The approach can be used to increase productivity and profitability in the agribusiness. Further, climate smart agriculture as an approach would help in developing strategies to secure sustainable food security under climate change. The vision of CSA is to make agriculture, fisheries, and forestry more productive and sustainable.

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